Who Are We

Today’s world keeps getting smarter by the hour.  So you’ve either got to fit in or drop out.   In this highly competitive educational scenario it is of vital importance to keep abreast.  With higher education you don’t just keep abreast, you move ahead. At Placements International Education & Migration Services (Placements), we provide you with that opportunity to move ahead.

OUR Background 

Placements International Education & Migration Services was established in 2006 with a goal to provide the best of the best services regarding education and migration issue. In its few years of inception only, it has been able to set its own stand and has until now, not disappointed its clients. The guidelines, services and honest suggestions that it gives to its clients have in fact been a great help for people who come here in getting a bigger and clearer picture.

We are pioneers in the field of providing higher education opportunities.  We have already placements for hundreds of students at Universities and Colleges in different Countries. Those students who graduated have found lucrative employment, some in Nepal and others in foreign countries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients proper guidelines when they come to us seeking information regarding studying abroad and migrations. We believe in giving factual and intact details and not keeping our clients in shadows for some selfish reasons.

We give personal attention to every individual who comes to us and value his or her time as much as we value ours. Besides this, we make sure that each of our clients takes right step when it comes to making necessary documents in their field of studying abroad or migration. Hence, we work hand in hand with our clients and make sure that our clients are crystal clear in any queries that they have for us. We leave no stones unturned in making their dream come true from our side and therefore we do everything possible to get the things right and to get it done correctly.

Our Approach

Our policy is to provide one with the information that is needed or asked. We believe in guiding our clients that the requirements of migration or education fields ask. Beforehand only, we would not like to blow our trumpet by saying vague things. We would rather like to invite you at our place and get the first hand information yourself and do the judgment accordingly. If you like what we have to offer then the pleasure is ours only to get an opportunity to know you well and provide with our services. Welcome abroad!

Our Services

We offer migration and educational services. We represent universities & colleges of USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, UK and European Countries and guide you in choosing the right course. On the other hand, when it comes to migration, we are one of the migration agents of Canada & Australia.

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