German Language

Whether you are going to study in Bachelor degree in German Medium in Germany or Master degree in English medium, German language courses are very important be it for your study or day to day life in Germany. Even DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) recommends students to learn as much as possible while the students are still in their home country.

We believe that quality of German language teaching is the most important aspect of our language courses. We have produced excellent results in German language Examinations at Exam centre of Goethe Institute Munich in Kathmandu.

At Placements, we believe that a successful learning plan should impart the knowledge of a foreign language vocabulary in a logical way with a strong emphasis on conversation skills. In a wider sense, this means a didactic and methodical concept that is at the basis of our lesson planning and design. Our methodology is founded on pedagogical principles that integrate conversation with cultural, factual and non-language specific knowledge on other topics, such as ideology, business or politics, in order to give you, the student, the widest range of personal expression in the foreign language.

In order to improve the interaction and ensure that the German language lessons are the best at Placements, we have upgraded all our normal courses to intensive courses where each student is allocated individual time and each group is small so that individual attention can be provided to the learners of German language with us. And given the quality of German language courses at Placements, it’s unparalleled. Those students who learn German language at Placements upto B1 level are normally placed in B2 level and beyond at German language schools in Germany.

Our teaching methods provide a highly organized, proven and comprehensive way of learning, which focuses on both audiovisual and practical learning tools. The courses include vocabulary exercises, speaking and listening drills, textual and visual exercises. We will enroll you in an appropriate course level, once you have completed our complementary placement test.

All our German language teachers have years of experience in teaching German as a Foreign Language. Whether you are an absolute beginner or you have already learnt German language elsewhere, we ask you to join our courses if you are interested in result oriented learning.

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