Protection Visa

Refugees and Australia’s Humanitarian program »

There are two components to Australia’s Humanitarian program: the offshore program assists people in humanitarian need overseas for whom resettlement in another country is the sole solution; the onshore component applies to people who are seeking protection and refugee status in Australia.

Offshore program »

The offshore program consists of the following two groups:
The refugee category is for people outside Australia who are in humanitarian need of resettlement, who have suffered persecution or have a well-founded fear of being persecuted. The Special Humanitarian Program lends assistance to people currently outside the country of their nationality or usual residence who have suffered significant discrimination and serious violation of human rights, and for whom resettlement is appropriate. These applications must be supported by residents or organisations within Australia.

Onshore program »

People who are already in Australia may be able to apply for a Protection Visa (effectively provides them with refugee status) if they enlist Australia’s protection obligations under the 1951 UN Convention and 1967 Protocol relating to refugees. Applications for refugee status are assessed on individual merits, taking into account all information supplied by applicants. Permanent Protection Visas may be granted to applicants who entered Australia in a lawful and authorised manner. Temporary Protection Visas may be granted to those who have not entered Australia in an authorised way. Due to legislation which came into effect in 2001, some Temporary Protection Visa holders may not be able to apply for permanent visas.

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